Commercial Sales

We are the main LDV dealer for Meath, with a full range of new LDV vans, along with approved used commercials.

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Servicing And Repairs

We offer full services on all makes and models of vehicles, both commercial and private. We have a full Diagnostics system suitable for sorting all those nasty little problems in all major brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen etc..

We do all repairs, right up to engine rebuilds.

Not only that, but every car serviced by our mechanical team always leaves with a complementary car wash.

Tyres And Batteries

We offer all sizes and brands of tyres, and all at competitve prices.

If we don't have them in stock, we will get them for you within 24 hours - guaranteed.

We also have a full range of car batteries.

Valet And Car Wash

We have a full car wash and valet service centre, using only the best quality products on your pride and joy.

Vehicle Recovery

Find yourself in a pickle with your motor, and it isn't going anywhere for you, we will happily tow it for you in our top of the range recovery vehicle.

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