About Ashbourne Automotive Services

Ashbourne Automotive Services are a new and used commercial vehicle sales, mechanical service, and wash & valet centre.

We provide a full range of services, from towing through to cleaning, and from basic servicing to engine rebuilds.

Ashbourne Automotive Services have a full computer diagnostic system suitable for sorting all those nasty little problems with your motor.

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Who Are We?

John has over 25 years service in the motoring industry. When he started out, he was involved in private hire buses and coaches. However, when he sold that business, he found he just couldn't stay away from the trade, and decided to open Ashbourne Automotive Services. Since he first opened the gates of Ashbourne Automotive Services in 2016, he has gone from strength to strength. John prides himself on the quality of vehicles he sells, along with the level of service his team provides. Nothing will leave the yard if John is not happy to stand over it himself, and that is what makes Ashbourne Automotive Services stand out amongst other garages around.

John Duffy